Types of Professional Cleaning Services

Most people know about office cleaning and house cleaning. However, what about commercial cleaning? Is it the same as office cleaning? 

Though it may appear obvious at first, you need to know what forms of contract cleaning services are available if you are looking for one that fits your needs. This is particularly true during the pandemic.  

There are 3 common types of professional cleaning services. This includes office, commercial, and residential cleaning.  

Though it’s quite easy to tell apart the business and home cleaning services, lines are getting blurry nowadays. Today, we’re going to discuss the 3 different types of professional cleaning services, from residential to commercial cleaning services. 

Office Cleaning 

This is a specialized form of commercial cleaning service. As the name implies, its purpose is to clean offices. Though this may appear like quite an easy job, offices are extremely complicated areas.  

There are toilets and kitchens, delicate server rooms and electronics, multiple types of surfaces, stairwells, lifts, and a lot of busy people moving around.  

If you combine all of these things, it can be an extremely challenging environment to maintain without causing any disruption. 

An office cleaning service can help you maintain and clean your office without affecting your day-to-day operations.  

Commercial Cleaning 

This type of cleaning service is for cleaning any type of commercial property. This includes retirements homes, retail, and much more.  

Commercial cleaners are typically versatile and have a lot of unique tools. This includes industrial cleaning tools, buffers, and much more. However, you can also hire specialize commercial cleaning by sector.  

For instance, medical practices, data centers, and factories have various needs compared to bars and nightclubs. A couple of commercial cleaning companies specialize in several areas or focus on one.  

Since these companies invest in staff training and dedicated cleaning tools, they can provide their clients the best outcomes for their needs.  

Residential Cleaning 

This is a cleaning service for houses. Even if you are renting the property, you can still consider it as a residential cleaning service. The reason for this is that it is a service that you have hired for yourself.  

Residential cleaning services include common tasks in the house. This includes changing the bedding, washing the dishes, and much more. However, most of the time, residential cleaners do tasks such as cleaning down bathrooms and kitchens, vacuuming, and dusting.  

If you are working from home and you’ve got a home office, a residential cleaning service will still apply to you.  

However, that will not be the case if you’ve got a specialized business that you operate in your house, and you require a specialized commercial cleaner to help maintain your office.  

If you are a building manager, hotelier, or landlord who requires regular cleaning, you will need commercial cleaning instead of residential cleaning.  

Now that you know the difference between these 3 cleaning services, you shouldn’t hesitate to hire one for your needs. It does not matter if you’ve got an office, a commercial property, or a house. Hiring a professional cleaning company is your best bet.  

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