Types of Handyman Services

Now that you’re ready to hire a handyman, the next thing that you want to know about it is how they charge and how they work. Most handyman charge per hour and their average time spent on the job is four hours. As such, you can schedule a 4-hour visit from your chosen handyman to handle a wide range to repair tasks around the house. 


Some homeowners hire handyman every six months. They complete their honey-do list so that when they come, they can do everything on that list within the 4-hour time frame. That’s how you maximize the services, time, and money spend on the handyman.  

When to Hire a Handyman  

Since you’re going to hire the handyman for four hours in one service call, it’s imperative that you know how to do quick fixes in your home. Of course, if it’s an emergency, you call the handyman right away. Don’t wait for your list to complete before you call them or you run into the risk of making the problem worse, which will also cost you a lot more money.  

What you should do is list all small problems you encounter around the house and the small fixes, if any, that you did on them. For example, one of the kitchen drawers become difficult to close or open. Put into your list all the other items such as cupboard door sagging, sliding door no longer sitting properly, rip in the window screen, missing picket fences, and maybe a disorganized garage. These are the things, and a whole lot more, are the things that a handyman can help you with.  

Hiring the Handyman for the Entire Day  

While a handyman’s average is a 4-hour work, there’s no stopping you from hiring them for the entire day, even several days. This is what homeowners who are looking to sell their properties do. Hiring a handyman who knows all types of home improvement work is an asset, as they can help spruce up your house to make it look enticing for the next buyer.  

Handymen can also be hired for major home renovations. If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom and you’re quite confident that the handyman is skilled enough to do it, then, assign the job to him, by all means. The rate per hour of a handyman is way much cheaper than that of a specialized contractor. However, you should also realize that the end results may not be the same.  

How to Hire a Handyman  

There are many ways to hire a handyman and the best way to go about it is through word of mouth. By hiring the handyman that someone you know has recommended, you can almost be sure that you’re going to get exemplary results.  

You may also contact a company that employs experienced handymen Los Angeles. This is the best choice since you can check if they are licensed to do business in your area and if they’re covered by insurance. Be sure that all contractors you hire to do any home improvement task in your home are duly insured so you don’t have to worry about being liable for any accidents that may happen in your premises.  



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